Regular check ups are recommended to assess the health of your teeth and gums. Dr Samantha performs a very comprehensive exam of the oral cavity, teeth, soft tissues and head and neck, routinely including an oral cancer screening for every patient. X-rays may be required to visualise between teeth and under existing restorations. We want to understand you and how you feel about your dental health. We will work together with you to develop a bespoke holistic treatment plan specially tailored to meet all your needs.



We like to take a preventative approach by addressing diet, oral hygiene and flouride use. However when decay (infected tooth tissue) does occur we want to remove the infected tissue, eliminate any pain and restore the tooth to its natural funtion and aesthetics.  In a climate where amalgam (in metal fillings) is being phased out due to the toxicity and enviromental impact of mercury, we provide virtually invisible fillings using white shaded composite and ceramic materials. If you are unhappy with existing metal fillings, we can discuss options to replace these with white fillings for a much more aesthetically pleasing and natural looking smile.



Regular hygiene appointments are beneficial in preventing teeth and gum disease. Gum disease or gingivitis is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK, and decay is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world.. We use hand and ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and calculus and reduce the bacteria in your mouth. We will develop a bespoke hygiene plan tailored to your needs. We will give you plenty of guidance on how to manage your oral hygiene at home until your next appointment. We can also provide tooth staining (from tea, coffee, tobacco) removal. You may want to consider our combination package of hygiene, stain removal and whitening for a bright healthy smile!


Periodontal Therapy

The health of your gums and supporting bone structure are vital to ensure longevity and stability of your teeth. With more severe forms of gingivitis and when infection affects the deeper tissues, we call this periodontitis. This can cause mobility of teeth and ultimately tooth loss. Advanced treatments can be used to stabilise the active disease and even regenerate the tissues.



Preservation of your teeth is paramount to us, however sometimes there may be circumstances when a tooth cannot be saved and removal may be required. We will discuss with you all options including those for filling the space that will be created after extraction and if needed we can create a temporary prosthetic tooth to fill the space whilst healing occurs.


Root Canal Treatment

If decay has spread deep within the tooth, or it is broken near the nerve, you may find yourself in excrutiating pain. We want to relieve your pain as quickly as possible  and a root canal treatment may be an option for you. While ensuring you are as comfortable as possible,  we remove all the infected tissue from the tooth including clearing out the root canals. A filling material can then be placed inside the roots and the tooth can be restored with a filling and/or crown. 


Crown and Bridge

Crowns are used to protect broken down teeth and after root canal treatment where the tooth is fragile. The conventional bridge is a space filling solution requiring preparation of neighbouring teeth. A resin bonded bridge is an another option with less tooth preparation.


Nightguards & Mouthguards

Teeth grinding can cause tooth wear and damage to restorations. It can also result in facial pain arising in the jaw joint. If you are aware of a teeth grinding habit or we can see evidence of this during your examination, we can provide you with a nightguard to protect your teeth and relieve jaw joint pain. These are bespoke guards moulded to your teeth.


Mouthguards are a necessity when playing sport, especially high risk sports like hockey, rugby, lacrosse and boxing. Correctly fitting customised trays made by your dentist are much more effective at protecting your teeth and far more comfortable than shop bought ones. Correctly fitting guards will not only protect you from teeth damage, but also damage to your jaw, neck and even your brain.